Why Rural Cloth

Rural Cloth is more than a clothing company. It's a guarantee of value. We believe that rural Americans should be outfitted with a wardrobe that's equally uncompromising. That's why we brought you a brand that brings out the best of this country's most dependable people.

“If you like hunting, fishing, ice-cold beer, bonfire nights, old pickup trucks, and mud on your boots, it’s because you’re Cut From Rural Cloth.” –Founder, Brandon Bates

Premium Quality

When we set out to create a clothing brand that would bring out the best in this country’s most, we knew that it had to be centered around two important principles: American craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. 

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No Retail Markup

We design, source and ship everything ourselves. There are no department store middlemen or unnecessary layers. You will be getting highly curated, premium clothing shipped directly to your door at the lowest possible price.

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That’s why all of our apparel is made from the world’s most premium fabrics and designed by some of the most renowned stylists in the U.S.A. While Rural Cloth apparel features the most contemporary styles, it’s also built to keep you comfortable
— no matter if you’re in the backcountry or at your favorite bar. 

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Whether your home is still in the heartland or somewhere closer to the coast, our apparel allows you to celebrate America’s most time-honored traditions while enjoying the most modern-fitting styles.

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