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We started Rural as a brand to bring out the best of this country’s most dependable people, the rural backbone.

We're committed to ensuring that a superior product is standard. Every thread and stitch is placed with American craftsmanship in mind - because the heartland deserves a brand that's tailored to the rural lifestyle.

We’re on a search for Americans who represent what it means to be #CutFromRuralCloth.

After taking a look at all you do, we are certain you’re the kind of person we created Rural Cloth for. 


free apparel

Get a new wardrobe , 100% free of charge. We'll make sure you get the pieces that feel the most "you."

50% off site

For the next year, you'll get 50% off any order you place on Rural Cloth apparel as a part of Team Rural Cloth.

discount code

We'll generate a 15% off unique discount code for you to share, so your followers can shop Rural with you.

Social Sharing

Anytime you wear Rural and post it, we'll repost you to our story or feed with tag, gaining you new followers.



1. Receive free Rural Cloth apparel
2. Take some cool photos in your new gear!
3. Post on IG tagging us and hash tagging #cutfromruralcloth
4. Use your Team Rural Cloth perks! Welcome to the family.


who is already wearing

rural cloth?

Easton Corbin

Country Music Star

jess lockwood

PBR world champion

Alyssa Schreiber

Hunter | Angler | Noodler

matt west

pbr announcer

email mollie @ if interested

No Retail Markup

We design, source and ship everything ourselves. There are no department store middlemen or unnecessary layers.

Premium Style

Styled after some of America's greatest traditions, you'll always be the best dressed in the room.


Like the land that raised you, our apparel
can outlast any rough and tumble adventure.